Private Tour to Olympia by Airport transfer - Anthens

Take a private tour to Olympia and discover this famous archeological site. Ancient Olympia is the sanctuary where the ancient Olympic Games were held. Join Mr. Giorgos Kounoupiotis for a memorable guided tour through:

  • the ancient Olympic stadium
  • the Bouleuterion
  • the Temple of Zeus

Moreover, you may enjoy free time in modern Olympia to shop or visit the Museum of the Olympic Games.

Our tour to Olympia

  • Duration: 4-6 hours or full day tour, depending on the departure location and you time window
  • Taxi: Brand new, fully air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz Ε320
  • Departure location: Any (your hotel, Katakolon port, Piraeus port …)
  • Price: Strongly depends on the departure location. Please contact us for a quotation (all-inclusive prices, no hidden charges)